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Seabourne Logistics sets its sights on South American market expansion

Strategic expansion and local expertise in Latin America

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In a strategic move aimed at bridging the gap between the challenging Latin American market and the European trade scene, Seabourne Logistics is taking an innovative approach to growing its footprint in the Americas. It has developed a strong network of agents that continues to expand and grow. This has been strengthened with the appointment of Christina Fantini, a native of Brazil, who brings a wealth of local knowledge and experience to Seabourne and its customers in South America. Fantini heads up Seabourne’s Latin Department which is exclusively focused on fostering the company’s Latin American operations.

The Gap in the Market

Navigating the intricate web of regulations and legislation in South America has posed significant challenges for international traders. The region’s diverse and evolving regulatory landscape is a complex environment that demands meticulous attention to detail. Businesses struggle with many hurdles that hinder seamless cross-border trade – from varying import/export procedures and tariffs to various product standards and labelling requirements.

South America is an entirely different ballgame compared to trading with the US or Europe, says Matthijs Slob, Operations Director in the Netherlands. “Cultural differences, complex regulations, and language barriers make it a challenging environment. These complexities lead to delays and increased operational costs.”

Seabourne aims to close the gap

Seabourne’s mission is clear: to act as a gateway between Europe and Latin America, facilitating smoother import and export procedures, assisting clients to streamline their trade and unlock the region’s full economic potential. 

Fantini’s profound comprehension of the region’s intricate legal frameworks, policies, and procedural intricacies, coupled with her proficiency in Portuguese and Spanish, assumes a pivotal and strategic role in driving the expansion strategy in Latin America.

Additional benefits from Seabourne Logistics

Advocating the concept of fiscal representation – a transformative solution for businesses engaged in European imports – the Netherlands stands out as one of just two European nations providing this service. “By deferring VAT payment to the country of sales, Seabourne assists businesses with cash flow, acting as a vital aid for those unfamiliar with Europe’s intricate fiscal systems. We’re not just reducing logistical hassles, but also support our customers by improving their cash flow,” explains Slob.

Efficiency remains a core theme for Seabourne. Their extensive logistics and warehousing capabilities and Fantini’s strategic knowledge of South America create a good advantage. “We’re not just moving cargo; we’re orchestrating opportunities for our clients,” says Slob. “With warehousing, pick-and-pack and distribution services, and a network across Europe, we save customers time and money.”

Another benefit is the introduction of flexible schedules to accommodate time zone differences, ensuring clients in Latin America receive service on their demands. This commitment to personalised care continues to set Seabourne apart from its competitors.

“We take pride in our commitment to tailor-made solutions, offering clients a range of bespoke services that finely align with their unique requirements. Irrespective of the scale of their requirements, Seabourne understands that every client has different logistics needs. We craft logistics solutions that cater precisely to these needs, ensuring that each client receives the best solution for their business,” concludes Slob.

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