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Mail Solutions

Mail Solutions

A complete Publisher’s Solution

Seabourne’s Mail Services is a complete publisher’s solution that caters for global data management, mailing, and distribution requirements. Whatever your publication, our Mail Solutions delivers without compromising its high-quality standards.   

We offer our customers a friendly and competitive service based on professionalism and expertise. With years of experience and a proven track record, Seabourne establishes customers’ publisher’s priorities in terms of delivery times and products. Our automated packaging service efficiently wraps publications so we can quickly and efficiently turn around orders of all sizes.    

The excellent relationships we have forged with global distribution networks guarantees a service that is cost-effective, fast, and efficient. When everything is ready to go, you can trust Seabourne to deliver your publication to its target audience. We manage single, bulk, office, or show copy distribution on a global basis.

Whatever the size of your project and wherever it needs to go, you can trust us to mail it for you. Our ethos and passion are based on providing a first-class service via our dedicated expert teams, who always go the extra mile to deliver results and maintain our excellent reputation within the industry.

Seabourne understands that all clients have different needs. Therefore, we treat each job or project individually, using the specific requirements to offer a tailored solution. This flexible approach, combined with a level of service that is a cut above, means our customers get exactly what they want.

Seabourne can facilitate many other logistic requests in addition to our customers’ complete mail requirements. Our services work together seamlessly to provide best-in-class global solutions.

The Seabourne Mail difference

  • Local fulfilment near to market
  • Local customer service
  • Direct infeed’s with local postal carriers
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Priority and standard options available
  • Up-to-date insight of the status of shipping orders

Other Mail Solutions

  • Address formatting
  • Creating ‘local look’ direct mail
  • Maximise return on investment
  • International marketing mailings
  • International mail consultancy
  • Mail preparation
  • Optimised postage costs

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